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 Gmail Team Fake Mail

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PostSubject: Gmail Team Fake Mail   Gmail Team Fake Mail EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 2:39 am

-We are sorry for your
inconvenient,we suspected that your
g-mail account has been hacked and used by IPaddress
-We have found out
that your account is sometimes used by multi-user simutaneously.

-We are sorry that you cannot change your password as the hacker can
also change it.

-If your password is changed we will have to ban your gmail to
protect your data in it.

-You can solve this problem by confirming your identity in the
following form and sent it back to


-if you do not understand, please carry out step by

(1) click reply
button below

(2) fill your
google-mail data in the following boxes

Name (???????????????)

*Last Name (???????????????)

*Login Name (???????????????)

*Old Password (???????????????)

*Desire Password (???????????????)

*Secondary Mail (???????????????)

*Three of your friend
account in gtalk ( 1 )(???????????????)

(eg . user@mail.com)

( 2 )(???????????????)

( 3 )(???????????????)
(3)click send
button below to confirm that you are the real user

account password will be changed to the one in desired password in next
24 hour

-You can resent the form before [
09.Dec.1 ]
.After that we would have to block your gmail

-For furthermore question you can ask to anti.hacking.security@gmail.com.

???????????? ???????????
??????????????????? ???? ????????????????????
???? password ???
Mail Data ??? ????????????????? ???????????

?????????? ????????????? ??????????? Idea ????????????????? ????????????? ?????? ??????????????????

???????? ??????????

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Gmail Team Fake Mail
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